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Works » By Title » F » Fall (18:30 / 1988)

Jean-François Denis

An electroacoustic moment linking three types of sonic events. By imitation and complement. And by the nature of the gesture begun. “Fall” is an electroacoustic work for tape composed for the choreography of the same name by Lee Anne Smith. When presented with the dance duo, the piece acts as a third character, provoking the dancers and reacting to their movements. In concert, the piece projects a space and time dimension where sonic and sensual imagination plays with and against it. The basic sound textures articulate matter in friction: sounds of simple objects and moved air. Transformation of those textures—especially the sustained ones—generated a repertoire of shaded sonic timbers. Those are superposed along the entire piece. The discrete gestures articulate the different moments of the work—where the dynamics of the dance or of the sonic image create activity, suggest or transform. Series of gestures and colors were also created by sound synthesis. These are used in similar ways to the textures of friction: to color certain moments in the background and animate space in the foreground. “Fall” was realized at the Electroacoustic Studio of Concordia University in April 1988. It is a revised and extended version of “Influences” (1986), a piece composed for the first version of the choreography of Lee Ann Smith. The dance version of “Fall” was premiered at the University of Moncton Art Gallery on April 29th, 1988 and the concert version at Concordia University on February 24th, 1989. JFD

  • Studio: Studio privé ; Concordia University Electroacoustic Studio (Montréal, Québec)
  • Premiere: Galerie d'art de l'Université de Moncton (Moncton, New Brunswick), 29-iv-1988 (création chorégraphique); Concordia University (Montréal, Québec), 24-ii-1989 (création concert); Musique actuelle, Radio-Canada FM (Montréal, Québec), 10-vi-1989 (création radio)
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