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Works » By Title » T » Trajectoires (10:11 / 1988)

Jean-François Denis

pour DX7(E!) et TX7

Some simple paths, clearly traced with elements of surprise and unexpected detours, “Trajectoires” is a live electroacoustic piece in five moments for solo DX7(E!) and TX7 digital FM synthesis instruments. By choosing a limited instrumentation and a limited sonic world—one timbre per moment—the composition focuses on sonic gestures, the articulation and animation of each timbre. It is by playing and reshaping the initial sounds that each timbre reveals its very own gestures. In addition to the DX7 keyboard, velocity attack, key pressure, modulation wheel, and sustain pedal are extensively used, as well as the E! card detune and sound spatialization capabilities. In general, the timbres cover a wide register region—like a cloud of sound—rather than a narrow or limited sonic spectrum. The score is written in relatively traditional music notation, more to indicate performance gestures than pitches or precise time values. “Trajectoires” was composed for Sergio Barroso in the summer of 1987 and premiered by him in Mexico City at the Rufino Tamayo Museum in January 1988. The piece was awarded a mention in the live electroacoustics category at the 16th Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition (France) in June 1988. A new moment composed in October 1988 at the Grame studio in Lyon (France) was incorporated in this recording released on compact disc (SNE-556-CD) by the Société nouvelle d'enregistrement (SNE) (Montréal, Québec). JFD

  • Studio: Ireme Studio (Vancouver, British Columbia). Enregistrement studio, iii/xii-1988. Sergio Barroso, DX7(E!)/TX).
  • Premiere: «Obras electroacústicas de Canadá», Museo Rufino Tamayo (Mexico, Mexique), 31-i-1988
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