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Works » By Title » T » Transparence (18:00 / 1987)

Bernard Donzel-Gargand

pour 4 percussionistes, synthétiseur, bande et diapositives.

In composing this work, I was inspired by the work of Kandinsky. Open forms, open sounds, closed forms, closed sounds, cold colours, metallic sounds, hot colours, wood sounds… I imagined different relations between sound and image, and sought to build correspondences on a musical level between the “visual” (score) and the audible (performance dynamic); between the image colour and the musical colour (sound transformation).

Translation: jef chippewa

  • Studio: Collectif & Cie (Annecy, France). Enregistrement en direct 19-ii-1987: J Detraz, P Devers, P Coppier, percussions ; P Moenne-Loccoz, diffusion ; L Diaz-Ronda, Kandinsky, C Laurent , images ; B Donzel-Gargand, percussion et synthétiseur ; J Boirard, voix sur bande.
  • Premiere: Genève (Suisse), 19-ii-1987
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