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Works » By Title » A » Alambic Rhythms (23:00 / 1987)

Kristi Allik

for tape and multi-image (Images: Robert Mulder)

Alambic is defined as “anything which transforms, purifies or refines”. In this presentation Alambic refers to the gradual transformation of the earthly into the ethereal. The work is subdivided into three major sections. The first section, “Earth (landscape)”, deals with the earthly aspects, the solidity of the land, and the indiscernible changes that occur. Therefore, this section deals with changes that are not directly perceived, but understood only in time, being beyond our immediate comprehension. The second section, labelled “Water (loon)”, acts as a bridge between the concrete and the spiritual; this section deals mainly with the process of transformation. The subject (ie the Common Loon), which frequents water as well as air, is bound to the realm of reality, as well as to the ethereal. The third section, “Air”, represents the forces of eternal and the ethereal through the use of complex collages of all of the previous material. This work was commissioned by the Music Gallery. KA

  • Studio: Luminart Studios (London Ontario); Digital Sound Laboratory, University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario)
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