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Works » By Title » S » Srivox Filonga (15:22 / 1988)

John A. Celona

live electroacoustics

“Srivox Filonga” is from a collection of live electronic works for MIDI keyboard controller (DX7) and digital sampler (AKAI S900) called “I/O Cuisinart (Works on Disk)”. Sounds, gestures and effects are recorded, synthesized, processed and stored in the sampler’s memory and on disk. The material encompasses digitally processed mixes of acoustic instruments with computer-synthesized sounds. In performance, these combinations are triggered and shaped from a control keyboard. The acoustic sounds were recorded at Mushroom Studios (Vancouver) by staff engineer Robert Porter with percussionist Sal Ferreras while we were producing our album “To Drive in L.A.” (Miramar Records). The electronic components range from sampled and processed original DX7 voicings to edits from digitally recorded multitrack computer-synthesized textures. JC

  • Studio: Private studio

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