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Works » By Title » A » Adagio I (7:00 / 1987)

Movement 2 of Night Labyrinth

Alan Belkin

Adagio I is the second movement of Night Labyrinth, a work of MIDI chamber music for three performers, each playing modules of a Yamaha TX816 synthesizer. It is one of three tape interludes which set off the live portions of the work in a dramatic way with denser richer orchestration. Indeed, it is perhaps the most orchestral in conception of all the movements, both in its density of texture and in some of the sounds it uses. However, the passage work heard using these sounds would often be impossible to achieve in an acoustic orchestra, as would some of the timbral combinations.

  • Studio: studio privé
  • Premiere: Concordia University (Montréal, Québec), 27-ii-1988
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