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Works » By Title » T » Towards White (7:00 / 1983)

Rodney Sharman

for flute and tape

Towards White (1983) — dur. ca. 7’ — for flute and fixed media was realized at the Institute for Sonology, Utrecht, Netherlands, and first performed by Camilla Hoitenga, flute, at Vredenburg, Utrecht. In 1984 I gave the first Canadian performance at Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, Victoria, BC. The piece was choreographed by Marie-Josée Chartier in her work, seated woman / femme assise (1990), premiered at the And/Or Festival, Dancemakers, Toronto, Ontario.

Durations in Towards White are based on the length of my breath, specifically how long I could sustain a particular multiphonic or gesture. The flute part consists of multiphonics and alternate fingerings producing small variations in timbre and pitch. The analog tape part consists of sampled flute sounds altered and combined with synthesized sounds that halo and trace the flute part. The piece ends with a duet between flute and silence.

  • Studio: Institut of Sonologie, Utrecht (Holland)
  • Premiere: Feedback Studio, Köln (West Germany)

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