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Works » By Title » L » Ludi Spaziali (10:10 / 1978)

Iván Patachich

for piano and tape

The aim of this composition is to expand the possibilities of sounds of the piano through the use of electroacoustic and two-channel stereophonic techniques. This is achieved first of all with the help of the modulation and spatial movements of sounds of the piano. The piece consists of two layers written with conventional notation and a layer indicating the electronic transformations. The work has seven ‘attacca’ sections; these sections/movements create a “mirror” form. In the texture of the music the strict and parlando rhythms alternate. The climax occurs at the end of the fifth movement. Most typical sound transformations are: feedback, filtering, transpositions, and the previously mentioned movements in space. The structure of the composition is stereophonic with two channels. There is also a quadrophonic version available. IP

  • Studio: Hungarian Radio Electronic Studio (Bupadest, Hungary)
  • Premiere: Budapest Academy of Music, 30-i-1980
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