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Works » By Title » H » Hyperspace (7:09 / 1985)

George Danova

If there are any connections between micro-electronics and astronomics, between the real and the make-believe, between space and video, life and a game, then this piece attempts to put it into perspective. Let me emphasize though, that it is to be looked at outwardly; that is to mean from within the music towards all aspects of the universe. Only then can we experience the moods intended: vastness, weightlessness, senselessness, darkness, and panic. It would not be fair to indicate which of these occur when in the piece, but all sounds were positioned in time, though with a timeless intention. As if you could look out into any direction in space and at that moment that is the sound you would hear. But as we know, sounds simply do not exist in space. They were created (EMS McGill) only to hear what it would sound like if, for example, the definition of a microchip were: a microscopic electronic circuit consisting of elements of “outer space”. There is an apparent reflection of my original attitude toward the compositional tool (Synclavier II) as a kind of interactive path finder; as in a video game. Only the product is music and not bonus points. The piece ends on this notion, that after all, the whole trip took place in a CRT - don't push the hyperspace. GD

  • Studio: McGill University Electronic Music Studio (Montréal, Québec)
  • Premiere: Concordia University (Montréal, Québec)

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