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Works » By Title » J » La Jolla Shores (8:00 / 1985)

John A. Celona

The sound source of La Jolla Shores is the Pacific Ocean recorded one sunny afternoon in 1976 while wading through the surf with a Nagra portable tape recorder. I tried to capture the motion of the waves by following their cascades with a shotgun mike. A tape composed of multitrack layerings (no processing, filtering, etc., only sequencing of events) was assembled in 1979 in the studio at the University of Victoria and the product was premiered at Open Space Gallery in a new music festival I curate called Waveforms. During the years 1972-77, my “street” was the Pacific; the cottage in which I resided was situated on the beach, north of San Diego, in La Jolla, California.

  • Studio: University of Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia)
  • Premiere: “Waveforms”, Open Space Gallery (Victoria, British Columbia)

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