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Works » By Title » L » Limbic Rotatory (6:30 / 1985)

David Butler

As the title suggests, this sound work was composed with regard to a certain aspect of psychoacoustics. The idea being that sound effects the limbic area of the brain and thereby influences the higher and lower functions of the mind. The piece begins with a slowly undulating tone, rich in harmonics, that continues throughout. This induces an hypnotic or trancelike alpha state. Different sonic elements are introduced to stimulate and trigger certain emotional pathways. These sounds include modulating tones and resonant filters of analog synthesizers, “found” vocal parts from a telephone sex line, ARF Dial-A-Fact drug info line, and excerpts from an interview with artist Nash The Slash discussing the use of machines in performing music. The vocal parts are processed with tape delay and looping to give them a dreamlike and subtly vague character. The piece ends with the possibly disturbing statement that “the machines are in control” and an upwardly decaying electronic sound. DB

  • Studio: Cedar Creek Sound (Woodstock, Ontario)
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