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Works » By Title » C » Cometose (27:00 / 1986)

Kristi Allik

for tape and multi-image (Images: Robert Mulder)

“Cometose” was created with the financial assistance of the Media Section of the Canada Council. The work was started in 1985 and completed in the winter of 1986. Conceptually the work deals with the death of Samuel Clemens during perihelion of Haley's comet in April 1910. Clemens had said during his life that he “came in with the comet (1835) and would go out with it.” In this story his wishes come true: he is transported with house and all to the core of the comet. There he views the world, reflects his own past and the present from within the safety of his house. When he returns to orbit of Earth in 1985 he wakes up and looks around the lousy world. Alas, before he can comment upon what he has experienced, the satellite “Giotto”, in collision course with the comet, smashes into the house. The music for this work uses both synthesized and sampled sounds. Equipment used includes the Casio CZ5000, Casio CZ101, Synclavier, DX7, the REV7 and the Korg DVP1. The imagery was taken from some original material of the period. Interior shots were taken from historic houses, magazine cutouts, drawings, complex models and from Mr Mulder's own artwork. The computerized material was collated on an Amiga 1000 computer using A-squared Live! digitizer and Dpaint software. KA

  • Studio: Luminart Studios (London, Ontario)
  • Premiere: Winnipeg Art Gallery, ii-1985
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