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Works » By Title » F » Fugue…euguF (7:35 / 1987)

Peter Abfal

“Fugue…euguF” is based on the formal structure of an organ fugue. The subject consists of motives which represent each of the letters of the word “fugue”, with ‘G’ being the center of this symmetrical group. A five beat phrase created from a metallic, concrete source punctuates the subject, and the countersubject consists of the manipulated, transposed subject. There are three major sections, each becoming more complex, with the last section introducing an improvised organ gesture. A final section recaps the five beat phrase from the subject. It was realized at the Brock University Electroacoustic Music Studio. PA

  • Studio: Brock University Electroacoustic Music Studio (St Catharines, Ontario)
  • Premiere: Rodman Hall Arts Center (St Catharines, Ontario)

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