Communauté électroacoustique canadienne
Canadian Electroacoustic Community
GM-500 — 1455, boulevard De Maisonneuve Ouest, Montréal, QC, H3G 1M8, Canada
http://cec.sonus.ca - cec@sonus.ca
  • Residence: Bowling Green, OH, USA

Elainie Lillios’s music is influenced by her fascination with listening, sound, space, time, immersion, and anecdote. Influential mentors include Jonty Harrison, Pauline Oliveros, Larry Austin, and Jon Christopher Nelson. Commissions from ASCAP/SEAMUS, ICMA, La Muse en Circuit, New Adventures in Sound Art, Réseaux, LSU CCT, and fantastic performers; grants from Ohio Arts Council, Mid-American Center for Contemporary Music, Ohio Board of Regents, and National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts; awards from CIMESP, Russolo, Schaeffer, IMEB and others. Sonic experiences available on empreintes DIGITALes, StudioPANaroma, La Muse en Circuit, and SEAMUS labels, plus online on her website.

List of Works

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