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Composers » M » Philippe Ménard (1946 - 1999)

After completing classical music studies at Laval University and the University of Paris VIII, Philippe Ménard (1946-1999) became involved with electroacoustic composition and computer innovation at the University of Paris, the Groupe de recherches musicales (GRM), the Équipe de mathématique et d’automatique musicales, IRCAM, and, most importantly, the Groupe de recherche musicale de Bourges in which he participated (1974-76). Defining himself as a multi-media creator, Ménard composed acoustic instrumental scores as well as electroacoustic works such as multi-media events, performances, installations and commercials: his works are concerned with heterogeneous sources (vocal, instrumental, electronic, environmental). As a computer technician, his research led him to develop in 1981 a light-operated instrument called Synchoros, that generates sound material and musical structures triggered by the movements of the body. A founding member of ACREQ, he began teaching audiography at the Department of Communications of the UQAM in 1976.

[Encyclopedia of Music in Canada]

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