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Composers » W » Hildegard Westerkamp (Osnabrück, Germany, 1946)

  • Residence: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hildegard Westerkamp is a composer who focuses on listening, environmental sound and acoustic ecology. She was a member of the original World Soundscape Project, working with R. Murray Schafer, and has taught courses in Acoustic Communication at Simon Fraser University with Barry Truax. She has worked with writers Norbert Ruebsaat and Sharon Thesen as well as photographer Florence Debeugny, and conducts soundscape workshops and gives concerts and lectures internationally. Some of her compositional work appears in US filmmaker Gus van Sant’s films Elephant and Last Days. She is a founding member and is currently active on the board of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE). She is a co-editor of Soundscape — The Journal of Acoustic Ecology, a publication of the WFAE.

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List of Works

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