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disc two track thirteen - 2:51

Mara Zibens - Whiteout

ANALYSES: writing to sound visual similarity to spatial phenomena

writing to sound

Smoke sound sticks are rubbed, far away, and in the centre, and humble… a frog's pond, trickles, stones skip, and echo.
Distant fluid bounces, is filtered, through gutter ambience, and grows, into an airplane.
And the engine overcomes, for a moment, and the trickles, like different coloured flies, harmonize, and flicker…
And space is cleared. For a ghostly earie presence… where life is empty and washed… and perfection ensues, or digital sound, with few refererences to claim, with control… like a worbling spaceship. Canned smooth and soft sound, is opened to fill, and echo, that delay.
From ear to ear, it swooshes, away.

if this piece were seen close-up in space, (visual similarity to spatial phenomena), if but for a moment


analysis by Sophia Male

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