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disc two track twelve - 0:53

John Wynne - $75 CDN

ANALYSIS: amplitude time line and spectrogram representation

Although this piece is short, it is quite detailed. It may be seen as many different events, but assembled into 5 main events separated by short silences. The first can be seen to come in around :07 and continues until :18. It is a melodic narrative, carried by different sources and manipulations. Beginning with an abrupt scratch, topped with a snappy reverberated drum sling hit (first full line), followed by a clap (2nd), into high pitch light noize sounds (further right clouds) that carry a few notes and drop off into the base sound, which is the natural resolution of the notes. This waddling muted or compressed bassy sound is sustained for about 7 seconds, crosses channels, and then is cut out short by a woody clog hit sound (full line at :18). There is then a couple seconds of silence and the second short event begins and ends in two seconds, consisting of 3 parts. The first is a single note, perhaps by a muffled piano, with the foot peddle creating an airy bottom base note, and resembles a small block. This is followed by 3 notes descending, chimy and wind-up-toy type sounding, (little globs), and the next line at :21 is a short vocal sounding thick sample note (thin line). Event three, between :23 and :26 has four dominant sounds: a base note and melody, under a rising and falling violin type streak, intermixed with a crossing and jolted segment of an outdoor parade/carnival area, with crowd sounds and a train bell dinging. The next event around :27 begins with low humming tone, mostly in the left ear, regarding a cylinder. Around :31, the scratching sound that begins the piece returns in the right ear, intensifies and speeds itself up into flapping sounds and distortion. At :32 the left ear is quiet except for some soft ticking sounds, and then the scratches are picked up as well around :35. The rest of this event, save for two short notes at the end that match the beginning tone's source, is the expression of this scratchy sound, not at all times continuous, inducing high pitch formant type bits and distortion. As you can see, though the scratches begin in the right ear, the left takes them louder and more constant, while ambient sound dominates the right channel. Following that event is a good 4 seconds of silence, and then the final event around :58. Beginning with a short click, straight into a wood hit with heavy reverb, which is released into a point of total fractional distortion, followed by a tiny silence. Then a high pitch ringing sound rises, beginning differently in each ear, and ends with an ambiguous dash. From which remains a drawn out descending muffled encased base note… which end the piece in fade.

what's going on:


* The right channel is the left column, the left channel is the right

* Purple is silent. The lighter the blue, the louder the amplitude. The further to the right, the higher the frequency.

* Center line is O db, the more extended the gestures, the louder the the sound.

analysis by Sophia Male

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