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disc one track six - 4:12

Martin Gotfrit - Magic is Chance

ANALYSES: writing to sound some flow of the piece

writing to sound

Clipped… into black space, clean as nails. Sharp as ice. Hollow like birds - open.
It all softly glitters. Freedom is suggested. There is no rushing. It's rather natural,
like the sounds one hears outside, with eyes closed, amidst organic material. There is space, and the waters move. In fact, holy things happen here, as time unviels the moment. Unravelling it, with the most gentle of hands, and kindest of triumphs. Completely harmonic.
Perfect, one would even say. Angels would appear today,
if we still believed in them. But now we see the beauty elsewhere.
In perfection, in computing absolutes, in allowing ourselves the modest excuse,
of "human error." We're so liquid… still.

some flow of the piece


analysis by Sophia Male

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