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disc one track five - 4:10

Martín Alejandro Fumarola - El peregrinar de la araña

ANALYSIS: writing to sound

This piece is… musical, yet using different instrumental sounds, and synthetic. I wrote listening to it. Just the connotations. The title means the traveling of the spider, the composer takes the spider through the World Wide Web of the Internet. It's interesting that the piece sounds quite synthetic in terms of it's sources… very midi, and at times just seems to change assignment arbitrarily, but of course with that hidden and peripherally denied hand, just barely visible and audible in the corner, like our world wide guide. It is humble, glassy, and creeps.

Chimy dwindlings, high pitch beats, underneath crumpled clouds.
A synthetic orchestra sounds its warnings, more synthetic responses… stepping on puddles.
The chimes respond. The wind backgrounds.
An open breath, with rain stick beats dancing. The breathing changes pitch,
a deep synthesizer tries to yawn. There are sad high pitch reflections.
The chimes fall down more stairs.
The base swells and opens its holes.
The ice is broken. The rain sticks continue, to scratch.
The violins again. The air. The falter. The chimes… distorting, trying to open arms.
The thick glass reflects the sun's light. But night comes anyway.
The dark hidden solitude of ringing, and underwater bubbles.
Held. Tight and evaporating. Rising, the bubble expands.
And tight forecasts loom and the chime reminds…
it's only a dream. It's only a machine.
It's only synthetic screams, don't worry.

analysis by Sophia Male

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