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disc one track three - 5:27

Steve Bradley - Tape Measure

ANALYSES: writing to sound similar colours and materials

writing to sound (having read liner notes)

The Weather is rattling in.
In forms of tornadoes, dust and tin.
It sinks its sand and lets us in.

We don't quite see it, don't quite care.
Though most of us, we know it's there.
A sound set in motion, on its own, to sustain.
The laws of momentum, waiting to refrain…

And now we can manipulate.

Sustain any given moment, any given sound,
a common, or an instrument, a sound left unfound.
Left for the brain to activate, its secret malady, medicine.
Its part in the heavenly spheres, if all time existed at once.

This would be the sound of this object, at all times in its history,
encased into digits or magnetic waves to be played,
if all time weren't suspect to negligence.

It's like a baby's rattle, the call of an unshattered perception.
Where one's inner mental state is synonymous with one's outer environment.
And one is not confused as to which causes which,
because one has not yet learned to differentiate.

Only to go around and round in circles,
to go on the ride "again",
to check off another millennium…

And change a few names here and there.

similar colours and materials


analysis by Sophia Male

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