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disc one track two - 3:01

David Berezan - Zirkus Zirkus

ANALYSES: writing to sound colours and mood of sound

writing to sound

A sheery breath, waffles in. Breathes. Bells. Bongs.
Clonging tones sway into one another, and run like oil in paint.
Chitters and Chatters make the moves, the low sounds tell the higher…
Acting towards one another.

A Boomerang of Activity. Artificial Activity. Awaiting Activity.
A human voice encaged somewhere, Breathing.
Leaning in and Looking out,
from Behind Frozen, Fogged Class.

(And the Room Glistens with Steel Utensils and Flashing Lights.
… an audience watches somewhere.)

The Set:

The little Appliances, Lights, and Other Former Props…

Do a Little Dance…
Along a Little Tune…
They All Applaud…
And Leave the Room.

Except the man of course.

colours and mood of sound


analysis by Sophia Male

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