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électroWEB, December 1995

Program notes

Cut-up 4:37 Rémy Carré

Cut-up is designed for the "magnetic rails" of the Internet in homage to the works of William S. Burroughs, and is made up of extracts from texts by Claude Pelieu (Poet and translator of W. S. Burroughs). In the form of audio clips, the piece offers itself for Cut-up by the computerized scissors of the residents of the planet Internet.

Rémy Carré, a French composer of electroacoustic music, deepened his artistic approach at GMEB in Bourges. He composes pieces for concerts of speakers and for radio. He has received several commissions from INA-GRM and GMEB. "Villa Medicis Hors les Murs" Prize and Lauréat du Concours de Création Radiophonique 1993 from Radio-France, SACEM and La Muse en Circuit.

I could sample Michael Jackson and then I could sample Prince 0:45 Mathias Fuchs

This audio miniature does not sample Michael Jackson or his music but rather lecturers speaking at the Sampling Symposium recently held at Vienna's Applied Arts College. The lecturers, in order of their appearance on the piece, are Bob Ostertag, a musician from San Francisco; Rolf Grossmann, a scientist from Siegen, Germany; Hans Ulrich Reck, a philosopher from Basel, Switzerland; Burghart Schmidt, a philosopher from Vienna; Gerburg Treusch-Dieter, a sociologist from Berlin; and Friedrich Kittler, a philosopher from Berlin. The texts sampled are, "I could sample Michael Jackson. And then I could sample Prince. And then I could give Michael Jackson the rhythmic feel of Prince", "Hier wird nicht zitiert, hier wird musikalische Struktur aufgebaut" (We don't quote here, we build up a musical structure), "Massenkultur, Massenkultur" (Mass culture, mass culture), "Und damit haben wir auch eine Metapher f¸r Samplen oder Wiederholen in exakter Manier gefunden: Auf-der-Stelle-Tretten" (We discovered a new metaphor for sampling or reproduction in the most precise manner: Not to get ahead), "Selbstreproduktion" (Reproduction of ourselves), and "5 Millisekunden kann keiner von uns hren" (Not one of us is able to recognize five milliseconds of sound).

Mathias Fuchs is a composer living in Austria.

Passages 10:32 Kathy Kennedy

Passages is a travelogue of different spaces, their sonic environments and the position of the self within each place.

Kathy Kennedy is a Montréal-based sound artist, often combining electroacoustics with other art forms. Her work is primarily about issues of the voice and its mediation by the interface of technology. She is on the board of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, and is a freelance curator and writer on the alternative music scene. She is also the founding director of the innovative all-female choir/performance group, Choeur Maha.

Border 16:34 Frank Koustrup

Border explores the artificiality of boundaries, and is a remix of a section of the soundtrack for an installation. Specifically, the work focuses on the division between Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, the American-Mexican border, the selectivity of free trade without free migration. Borders pervert differences and commonalties. The soundtrack mixes sounds of water, wind, machinery, traffic, falling coins, spilling salt and voices for their iconic, historical and textural qualities. The sound, like a boundary, sits in the background until breached.

Frank Koustrup (Sarnia, 1963) describes himself as a composer, video artist and photographer. He is still trying to get a full-time job.

. TRANSe . MUTEn . 8:15 Er Polen

. TRANSe . MUTEn . is made up of variations on the theme of mutation :..3 CYCLônES..: MUTATION 1: Atomic (Modification of a simple body), MUTATION 2: Genetic (Variations of an hereditary characteristic), and MUTATION 3: Harmonic (Organ play).

Amalgamation of ORGANic consonance and dissonance. Matter and energy in perpetual TRANCe-formation: Preprogrammed mutations / Constraints external to the organism.

Mutation is an essential characteristic of all that exists. Humans, by their actions, alter their environment and, in turn, are altered. Therefore this piece tries to not just put the listener inside the process of mutation, but also tries to transmit the idea of MUTeness characteristic of an important part of the population. When confronted by perpetual mutation and growing complexity, the population is often reduced to a state of passive MUTeness. "The state is the constitutional muteness of the people." -Proudhon

Descended from the Techno-Industrial movement, Er Polen formed emiS sPHERE in 1987 to distribute his music. Preferring themes and concepts in composition and sonic elaboration, he concentrates on electroacoustic composition. At present, he writes pieces for dance, radio and video. A second compact disc compiling several of these works will be released in 1996. He co-founded TERRA VOX, an independent label, in 1988 and PRAXIS, an inter-disciplinary space, in 1993.

Waiting on October Moon 10:01 Sarah Peebles

Waiting on October Moon, when but one or two remaining insects sing as the clouds pass over.

Sarah Peebles: real-time performance using 'Dillpatch' (Max, Sample Cell programs, with self-sampled and CD-ROM materials). Nilan Perera: electric guitar

Sarah Peebles (b. 1964) has composed for electroacoustics, small ensemble, dance, animation, inter-disciplinary collaborations and music-theatre. Exploring alternate performance settings, such as museums, bamboo groves and temples, her work also encompasses 'comprovisation' and performance art. Her music can be heard on The Aerial #5 (Nonsequitur), Suspended in Amber (innova Recordings, December 1995) and DISContact! II (CEC). Originally from Minnesota, she graduated from the University of Michigan School of Music, has studied traditional and contemporary music in Japan, and now makes her home in Toronto.

Nilan Perera is a Toronto-based avant-jazz guitarist, sound explorer, and composer. He is active as a member of Handslang, The Excalceolaters, the Weins-Perera Duo, and Noma, and has also composed for Sound Image Theatre. Perera also hosts the weekly avant-jazz program, In from the Outside on CIUT-FM.

phête Canton (ou la mécanique du Père Noël) 5:02 Jean Routhier en collaboration avec N. R.

Ho!Ho!Ho! Christmas time is upon us once again. A worldwind of memories carries me away and slaps me down on icy concret, without mittens. Get togethers, bubbly, conversations with no tomorrow, xmas carrolls; first movement. The day after, wavering thoughts, reeling; second movement. All rolled into a stormy winter feel. Two other movements are to follow: Santas Claus' arrival and Boxing day.

Merry listening!

Jean Routhier was born in LaSalle on the 18th of April, 1968. He studied piano for three years with Nicole Laviolette and then turned towards sonic vivisection when he took a chain saw and some microphones to his piano. He has a BFA from Concordia University (Montréal) in interdisciplinary arts. He is a member of the CEC Board of Directors and splits his artistic pursuits between acousmatic composition and productions in video and sculpture.

Environs de la Cité 4:26 Frédéric Roverselli

Frédéric Roverselli, teacher, musician, and sound and multimedia designer, specializes in the use of new digital technologies. His compositional style integrates all sound materials, be they musical or concrete, and is inspired as much by contemporary as popular musics.

5 Radioludes 5:01 Claude Schryer

5 Radioludes is a sonic meditation on the theme of listening, traveling and emptiness. These pieces were conceived for the relatively "low band" Internet audio space. I like to edit, process and mix natural, urban and human soundscapes using poetic juxtapositions, altered perceptions, re-contextualisations and reflections on the contradictions, anecdotes and magic of everyday life…

Claude Schryer (Ottawa, 1959). Raised in North Bay, Ontario. He received his M Mus, from McGill University (Montréal) in 1989. He was the Director of Inter-Arts at The Banff Centre (1988-90), Artistic Director of the 7e Printemps électroacoustique and ACREQ (1992-93), founding member of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology and the Orchestre vélo (1993), Administrative Director of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (1993-94), and Assistant Program Chair of ISEA'95 in Montréal (1995). He is active in acoustic ecology and radio art.

Ouzinaz 6:50 Fred Semeniuk

Ouzinaz is a relaxing work that challenges the listener because the dynamics are loudest at the start and then fade to reveal lush, tranquil, dreamlike waves of sound. The piece made my father fall asleep, so you know it's relaxing!

Technical stuff: Tablas sampled on Emax. Roland SC7; Yamaha TX77; Kawai K4r; Cakewalk sequencer; Alesis S4, D4, SR16, 1640 mixer; Emu Proformance+1 piano; DAT.

Fred Semeniuk is a mortgage broker in the Vancouver area, but would like to make ends meet by composing and arranging music and sound. He has two BAs, has studied classical and electroacoustic composition in Montréal, Calgary and Victoria and currently enjoys working on projects in his revamped studio. He is engaged to be married, hopefully by the year 2000.

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