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Francis Dhomont - Figures de la nuit / Faces of the Night (1991-92)

Radiophonic work by Francis DHOMONT

With the voices of Loïc Baumans, Artur Bergeron, Suzanne Binet-Audet, Ned Bouhalassa, Pierre Daboval, Jean-François Denis, Francis Dhomont, Myriam Fabijan, Jacques Lejeune, Cécile Le Prado, Myriam Lombard, Pierre Louet, David Olds, Justice Olsson, Marie Pelletier, Laurie Radford, Françoise Schmitt et Claire-Isabelle Vauconsant.

For Inès Wickmann Jaramillo

I have always loved the night.
The night fascinates me, attracts me, envelops me; I breathe it in. I like its intimacy, its complicity, its meditativeness, and the suspension of time until dawn, in Provence during spring, in the singing of the nightingales.
The night is also sleep, the dream, sometimes the nightmare or the fear. For some the night is eternal; for others the night is for love.
White night, ink-dark night, soft night, or deep night: transfigured night…
So many faces of the night.
The night is my friend.

mp3Figures de la nuit / Faces of the night - 27:01

Composed for the late-night show, "Transfigured Night" by David Olds on CKLN-FM, whose title is inspired by Verklaerte Nacht (Transfigured Night) by Arnold Schoenberg. "Figures de la nuit / Faces of the night" is equally an hommage to that composer.

Commissioned by David Olds for CKLN-FM Radio, supported by the Canada Council for the Arts. Created on June 3, 1991 in Toronto on "Transfigured Night" on CKLN-FM.

SACEM France

Francis Dhomont
Paris, 1926

Francis Dhomont has worked in electroacoustics from the very beginnings of this art. Five-time winner at the Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition (France) - where he was also awarded the Magisterium prize in 1988 - and laureate of the Prix Ars electronica 92 and 93, he has received numerous international distinctions and awards.

An author of theoretical texts and essays, he has been the editor of L'espace du son (The Space of Sound) published by Musiques & Recherches (Belgium) and Electroacoustique-Québec published by the canadian issue CIRCUIT. He has produced many Acousmathèques radio programs for INA-GRM (Radio-France, Paris) and coproduced with Diane Maheux the radio series Voyage au bout de l'inouï (journey to the Unheard-of) (Radio-Canada, Montréal). His music appears in the Charles Binamé's film : Eldorado.

Convinced of the originality of acousmatic art, his work (since 1963) is comprised esentially of works for tape bearing witness to his continued interest in morphological interplay and sense/sound ambiguities.
Since 1978, he has divided his time between France and Québec where he teaches electroacoustic composition at the University of Montréal.

He is an Associate Composer of the Canadian Music Centre (1989) and a Founding (1986) and Honorary Member (1989) of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC). He now focuses on composition and theory.

Francis Dhomont

Translation: Frank Koustrup

© Productions electro Productions (*PeP*) 1999

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