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Navire Night

Une émission radiophonique hedbomadaire diffusée sur la Chaîne Culturelle de Radio-Canada et portant sur les courants de musiques noise, live electronics, les musiques actuelles et les musiques de prospection. Cette émission a produit l'enregistrement de nombreux concerts d'artistes renommés ou inqualifiables (parmis les artistes renommés : Merzbow, Keiji Haino, Mike Patton, René Lussier, Jaap Blonk, Ritchie Hawtin, René Lussier, John Zorn, John Cage, Evan Parker, David Shea, etc.). Plusieurs de ces captations furent également endisquées.

A radio program dedicated to live electronic music and other form of experimental music, on Radio Canada (the french speaking network of CBC, the non-commercial canadian state-funded radio). Responsible for many live recordings and broadcastings of renowned or astonishing artists (among the famous artists : Merzbow, Keiji Haino, La Monte Young, Ritchie Hawtin, Pan Sonic, Charlemagne Palestine, Alvin Lucier, Mike Patton, René Lussier, Jaap Blonk, John Zorn, , Evan Parker, David Shea , John Cage, etc.).

Two New Hours

220 Volt

220 Volt is a radio programme on electro-acoustic and computer music initiated by Patrick Follon in 1992 and broadcasted by De Concertzender. 220 Volt is the only programme dedicated to electro-acoustic music in The Netherlands. 220 Volt is broadcasted every week on Wednesday evening (23.00-24.00 Dutch time). A wide variety of composers and composition styles is presented. More than a hundred studios and organisations for electro-acoustic music have participated in this project.

You can participate in 220 Volt by sending your works on cd or DAT to De Concertzender. Please include a short biography and extra information about the works.


The REBOOT Project

Modulator Radio


C 8


earsay bitcast

Radio Lilliput



Station R.O.S.E. Webcasting

Concordia's CJLO Radio

Princeton Sound Kitchen

Remix Radio

Routes Radio


Internet Radio Free Kansas


Streaming Media Europe '99

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