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Audio et technologie / Audio and Technology


Résonance TJL

Company founded by Jean-Luc Louradour specializing in architectural acoustic design, audio system design, acoustic evaluation and feasibility studies and room acoustic measurements and evaluations, using computerized measurement and design technologies. A large number of specialized sound and recording studios in and around Montréal have been designed or are maintained by Résonance.


Ambisonic.net — University of York, UK

Collection of articles, sources and links on Ambisonic surround-sound and digital audio technology, compiled by engineer/producer Richard Elen. Extensive Links page.

Ambiophonics.org — The Science of Domestic Concert Hall Design

Site maintained by Ralph Glasgal (founder of the Ambiophonics Institute), with a number of general and technical articles, and the full text of the 2nd edition of “Ambiophonics: Replacing Stereophonics to Achieve Concert-Hall Realism.”

Sound in Space — Music Technology Group, University of York

Home page for Ambisonics and related 3-D audio research.

Surround Professional Magazine

Magazine covering surround sound for film, video, broadcast, video, web, games, music, theater.

3D Audio Links and Information

Page concerned with techniques for reproducing three-dimensional sound images.

Articles + FAQs

Bamford, Jeff. An Analysis of Ambisonic Sound Systems of First and Second Order

University of Waterloo Master of Science in Physics thesis (1995). An examination of how well the Ambisonic System system works compared to the more popular Dolby Surround technology is examined.

Cantares. So What is this Ambisonics Stuff Anyway?

Brief Overview.

Courville, Daniel. Procédés et systèmes d’enregistrement et de reproduction sonores en trois dimensions

Mémoire de Maîtrise en communication (UQAM, 1993/2006). Le résultat de cette revue mettra en relief une technologie du nom de Ambisonic qui répond parfaitement au modèle géométrique et qui, par sa solide base théorique, permet une expansion future du système avec un accroissement significatif des performances.

Gerzon, Michael. Ambisonic References: Papers on Ambisonics and related topics

Leese, Martin J. Ambisonic Surround Sound FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions by domestic listeners about Ambisonic Surround Sound. Includes theory, practice, details of current decoder manufacturers and a discography of UHJ encoded LPs and CDs (1994–8).

Whiting, John. Ambisonics is Dead: Long Live Ambisonics

Discussion of mono, stereo, surround, and Ambisonic sound (1996).

Gear, Software, etc.


Spatial sound software: multichannel audio plugins for Windows and Mac.


Systèmes de spatialisation du son en temps réel.


A convolution freeware for multi-channel digital audio processing. Often used for wave field synthesis.

IMEASY — Integrated Modular and Expandable Audio Spatialisation® sYstem

“The definitive sound processing and spatialization system based on a highly interconnected network of digital signal processors, intended for applications in the fields of entertainment and professional audio.”

Maven 3D

“More than just a multi-channel and multi-track 3D audio editor, Maven3D Pro gives you the power to create true positional 3D experiences that go beyond 5.1 surround.”

Meyer SoundLCS Series

Projet Holophon

“Le projet Holophon, initialisé au GMEM en 1996 est destiné à la spatialisation de multiples pistes sonores vers un système de diffusion multi-haut-parleurs.”


Barry Diament Audio

Site contains articles related to mastering including “What is Mastering?”, and “Setting up Your Monitoring Environment” which address acoustics, monitor placement, cabling, vibration control and more.

DES Mastering (Digital Editing Services)

Site includes articles “Why do I need Mastering?” and “Tips & Tricks” in preparing for mastering. Based in Dallas TX.

Digital Domain — Bob Katz

Articles written by world-renowned mastering engineer Katz and by other writers are found here, covering a range of audio and mastering issues.

Gateway Mastering & DVD

Since the 1990s Bob Ludwig’s company has established itself as a leader in the record mastering industry. Based in Portland ME.

Mastering WebBoard

Discussion forum for mastering and related topics, founded in 1991.

SNB / Reference Mastering

En 1973 Sabin Nelson Brunet quitte son emploi de technicien en gravure chez London Records pour ouvrir son propre studio de gravure : Disques SNB.

Founded in 1973 by Sabin N. Brunet, Disques SNB is a Montréal-based mastering studio which specializes exclusively in the mastering of all musical styles.

Studio Inverse

Montréal-based company founded by Dominique Bassal, specialising in pre-mastering and mastering of electroacoustics and other genres. The philosophy of the company reflects a refined sensitivity to the needs of individual products rather than submission to the “caprices” of the audio industry.

Paul Stubblebine Mastering & DVD

Site includes a number of FAQs on mastering. Based in San Francisco CA.


Bassal, Dominique. See Studio Inverse.
Katz, Bob. See Digital Domain.

Multicanal / Multichannel


Site par Jean-Marc Duchenne qui “concerne exclusivement ses développements et applications dans le domaine du « son fixé/projeté », son intégration en tant que critère des sons tel qu’il est perçu et composé en acousmatique.”


CCRMA — Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics

IRCAM — Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique / Musique

Spatialisation sur le site IRCAM.

Room acoustics

Impulse Responses

IRs by Fokke van Saane from a variety of sources.


Software and hardware for sound spatialization, room acoustics, simulations, etc.


Windows-based acoustics and DSP software: convolver, etc.


La spatialisation des musiques électroacoustiques

Question de spatialisation : Mise en rapport de sept problématiques

Compte rendu du groupe Spatialisation — Ircam, 16 novembre 2004.

Cahen, Roland. Navigation sonore située. 2002.

Surround Sound Technologies and Related Topics

Dolby Laboratories Inc.

DTS-HD Digital Surround: High Definition Audio


“Holophone Surround Sound Microphones are designed to make Surround Sound capture and recording simple and accessible to new and emerging markets in areas where it's been traditionally too expensive or too complicated for production.”

Lucasfilm Ltd. THX

Wave Field Synthesis

Application of Wave Field Synthesis in Electronic Music

A research project by Marije Baalman (Electronic Studio at the Technical University of Berlin, since 2002) to apply the Wave Field Synthesis concept for electronic music. The aim is to create an interface for the system that is easy to use for composers and performers.

Daniel, Jérôme. “Représentation de champs acoustiques, application à la transmission et à la reproduction de scènes sonores complexes dans un contexte multimédia.”

PhD thesis (1996–2000) on sound field representation for multimedia.

Sonic Emotion

“Founded [in 2002] by a group of experienced professionals recognised in their fields of 3D audio innovation, DSP-algorithms, distributed real-time processing, and networked audio.”


Wave field synthesis products: loudspeaker arrays, software, knowledge, etc. “True, natural, three dimensional sound was, until recently, the last fontier in audio technology that had not yet been tackled. Now, after 15 years of research and development there is a sound technology that can match and compliment the best visual technologies available today.”

More Links and Bibliographies

Audio and Three Dimensional Sound Links

Audio and Acoustic Links

eContact! 8.4 — Educational Resources / Ressources éducatifs: Bibliography

From the Canadian Electroacoustic Community’s online journal of electroacoustics, an extended “essential reading list” ordered by topic, and accessible and pertinent to a broad range of readers.

Spatial Audio

Extensive list of references provided by Philippe-Aubert Gauthier.

Ultimate spatial audio index

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eContact! 2.4 — Diffusion multicanal / Multi-Channel Diffusion
eContact! 7.4 — Diffusion multicanal / Multi-Channel Diffusion
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