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Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium 2016

10th edition of TIES

Symposium Overview

John Oswald with gramophone in 2009. [Click image to enlarge]

TIES 2016 is a co-presentation of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) and New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) in collaboration with the Canadian Music Centre (CMC). TIES is held in parallel with the 18th edition of Sound Travels, NAISA’s annual Festival of Sound Art. The Keynote Speaker for TIES 2016 is John Oswald.

Activities take place at the Canadian Music Centre (Wed morning-afternoon, Thurs–Fri morning sessions) and at Geary Lane (Wed evening, Thurs–Fri afternoon-evening, all day Saturday).

Registration — includes entry to all concerts [ register now ]
Webcast — Listen in to all events on a live stream.

Questions about the schedule or any other aspect of the symposium can be directed by email to the Symposium Chairs, Nadene Thériault-Copeland and Eldad Tsabary. For any registration or Sound Travels questions, contact Nadene Thériault-Copeland.

Call for Submissions
Schedule Summary | Timetable (PDF) | Directions | Organisation
Detailed Symposium Schedule
Abstracts + Bios | Programme Notes + Bios
TIES 2016 event & info summary (PDF)

Schedule Summary

TIES 2016 Timetable in PDF format [Click image to enlarge]

Click on a date to jump to the detailed schedule page listing all papers and works presented and for further links to abstracts, programme notes and biographies.

Day 1 — Wednesday 10 August

Location: CMC

09:00–17:00 • Installation: John Oswald

12:00–13:00 • Opening Reception / Registration
13:00–14:00 • Lecture-Recital #1: Kośmieja/Kęska
14:00–15:00 • Lecture-Recital #2: Giannoutakis
15:00–15:30 • Break
15:30–16:30 • Lecture-Recital #3: Dodge
16:30–17:00 • Installation: Johann Diedrick (introduction)

(17:00–19:30 • Dinner)

Location: Geary Lane

19:00–19:30 • Installation: Campbell Foster
19:30–22:00 • Symposium Concert #1

Day 2 — Thursday 11 August

Location: CMC

09:00–17:00 • Installation: John Oswald
10:30–13:30 • Mobile Installation: Johann Diedrick

09:00–09:30 • Coffee / Registration
09:30–10:30 • Paper Session #1: Avantaggiato, Martin
10:30–10:45 • Break
10:45–12:15 • Paper Session #2: Hyde, Byrne, Toninato/Dall’Ara-Majek

(12:15–14:15 • Lunch)

Location: Geary Lane

14:15–15:15 • Lecture-Recital #4: Hynds
15:15–15:30 • Break
15:30–17:00 • Keynote Lecture: John Oswald

(17:00–19:30 • Dinner)

19:00–19:30 • Installation: Campbell Foster
19:30–22:00 • Symposium Concert #2

Day 3 — Friday 12 August

Location: CMC

09:00–13:00 • Installation: John Oswald

09:00–09:30 • Coffee
09:30–10:30 • Paper Session #3: Yoganathan, Morrison
10:30–10:45 • Break
10:45–12:15 • Paper Session #4: Bargrizan, Avantaggiato, Andersen

(12:15–14:15 • Lunch)

Location: Geary Lane

13:30–18:30 • Mobile Installation: Johann Diedrick

14:15–15:15 • Special Session: Guillaume Campion and Guillaume Côté
15:15–15:30 • Break
15:30–17:00 • Symposium Concert #3

(17:00–19:30 • Dinner)

19:00–19:30 • Installation: Campbell Foster
19:30–22:00 • Sound Travels Concert: Two Retrospectives — John Oswald and Paul Dolden

Day 4 — Saturday 13 August

Location: Geary Lane

09:00–09:30 • Coffee
09:30–11:00 • Paper Session #5: Goncalves, Sannicandro
11:00–11:15 • Break
11:15–12:45 • Paper Session #6: Connolly, Graham, Peuquet

(12:45–14:15 • Lunch)

12:45–18:30 • Mobile Installation: Johann Diedrick

14:15–15:15 • Lecture-Recital #5: Hron
15:15–15:30 • Break
15:30–17:00 • Symposium Concert #4

(17:00–19:30 • Dinner)

19:00–19:30 • Installation: Campbell Foster
19:30–22:00 • Symposium Concert #5

Locations / Directions

Activities take place at two venues in two different areas of downtown Toronto:

1) Geary Lane — 360 Geary Lane
2) Canadian Music Centre (CMC) — 20 St. Joseph Street (east of Queen’s Park)

Geary Lane

Geary Lane is located at 360 Geary Avenue, Toronto — the large, black building at the end of Geary Avenue (it is well-signed). [ Google maps ]

Public transportation (TTC). Geary Lane is served by the 29 Dufferin bus. If travelling from downtown, take the northbound bus from Dufferin station on Line 2 and exit at the third stop at Dupont Street.

By foot. From the Dupont Street bus stop, walk to the northwest corner of the Dufferin/Dupont intersection (to bypass the high volume of traffic on Dufferin). Walk north on Dufferin for one block to Geary Ave. and turn west.

By car from 401 (east of Toronto). Take the Allen Expressway and get off at Lawrence Ave. and turn right (West). Take Lawrence Ave. West for 800 m and turn left (South) to Dufferin Street. Take Dufferin Street for 5 km then turn right (West) onto Geary Ave. If you go under the railway tracks, you’ve gone too far. Drive to the end of Geary Ave. (you’ll need to park somewhere along Geary Ave.).

By car from QEW (west of Toronto). Continue from the QEW onto the Gardiner Expressway towards downtown. Exit the Gardiner at the Lakeshore Blvd. / Jamieson exit and turn left (north) at Jamieson. Follow Jamieson to where it ends at Queen Street. Turn right (west) on Queen. Then soon after turn left (north) onto Dufferin. Follow Dufferin north for 3 km to Geary Ave., which will be after the railway bridge north of Dupont Ave. Drive to the end of Geary Ave. (you’ll need to park somewhere along Geary Ave.).

Canadian Music Centre (CMC)

The Canadian Music Centre (CMC) is located at 20 St. Joseph Street, Toronto. [ Google maps ]

Public transportation (TTC). The CMC is located just off Yonge Street, a short walk from several subway stations: Wellesley (closest), Museum, Yonge/Bloor or Bay (most convenient for Geary Lane).

By foot. From Wellesley Station, walk west along Wellesley towards Yonge and cross at the lights to the west side of Yonge. Walk north along Yonge until you reach St. Joseph Street, then turn left, heading west. The CMC is located on the north side of St. Joseph Street.

By car. From the 401, take the Yonge Street exit and drive south (5 km). Just past Bloor Street, turn right onto Irwin Avenue. Make a left onto Bay Street, and another immediate left onto St. Joseph Street (a one-way street, running east). Please note that parking is expensive and very limited in downtown Toronto.

Travelling from the CMC to Geary Lane

Public transportation (TTC). The Bay Street subway station is on the same line as Dufferin subway used for Geary Lane. Turn left when leaving the CMC and follow St. Joseph to Bay street. Turn right (north) on Bay. The subway is located just north of the intersection at Bloor Street. Take Line 2 westbound to Dufferin and from there follow above transit / foot directions for Geary Lane.


Review Committee / Comité de selection

Chairs: Nadene Thériault-Copeland (NAISA) and Eldad Tsabary (CEC / Concordia University)

Linda Antas (Montana State University)
Kevin Austin (Concordia University)
Natasha Barrett (Oslo)
Nicolas Bernier (Université de Montréal)
Yves Daoust (Conservatoire de Montréal)
Louis Dufort (Conservatoire de Montréal)
Chantal Dumas (Montréal)
Arne Eigenfeldt (Simon Fraser University)
Ken Fields (University of Calgary)
Erin Gee (Concordia University)
Gilles Gobeil (CÉGEP de Drummondville)
Bentley Jarvis (OCAD University)
Monique Jean (Université de Montréal)
Emilie LeBel (University of Montana)
Cort Lippe (University at Buffalo)
Hilary Martin (York University)
Gordon Monohan (Electric Eclectics)
Steven Naylor (Acadia University)
David Ogborn (McMaster University)
Shawn Pinchbeck (CEC / University of Birmingham)
Laurie Radford (University of Calgary)
Bekah Simms (University of Toronto)
Scott Smallwood (University of Alberta)
Andrew Staniland (Memorial University)
Adam Tindale (OCAD University)
Jane Tingley (University of Waterloo)
Barry Truax (Simon Fraser University)
Doug Van Nort (York University)
Alexa Woloshyn (University of Toronto)
John Wynne (University of the Arts London)

Organising Committee / Comité d’organisation

Kevin Austin (Concordia University)
jef chippewa (Canadian Electroacoustic Community)
Darren Copeland (New Adventures in Sound Art)
Nadene Thériault-Copeland (New Adventures in Sound Art)
Eldad Tsabary (CEC / Concordia University)

Links / Liens

TIES — Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium
NAISA — New Adventures in Sound Art
CEC — Communauté électroacoustique canadienne / Canadian Electroacoustic Community
CMC — Canadian Music Centre | 20 St. Joseph Street, Toronto
Geary Lane | 360 Geary Avenue, Toronto
eContact! — the CEC’s online journal for electroacoustic practices
Sound Travels — NAISA’s annual Festival of Sound Art

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