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disc two track eight - 3:33

Jamie Philp - Lizard in the Garden

ANALYSES: words to music a visual metaphor


A Didgeridoo deep breath enters in the corner of the left ear, with higher tone horn reverberations to the right, complementing and answering, the original breath. All kinds of musical gestures begin. As if alone in a desert, to sing their native songs, outside of human intervention. Waving, and trembling like the breeze amidst all things. The most beautiful melodies lay hanging in this light clear sky, in front of the darkest night sky, whose images, laid upon each other, are multidimensional and innumerously pleasurable. The colours shiver, wave, get dark - yet still, through this coldness, the melodies continue, as sung by Chastity herself, in a great Cathedral, for five dedicated people. It is intoxicating, but in the most sublime sense. One doesn't move in rapture, but one's mind hangs tight to these notes that shine alone for themselves, and each other, in this cry of musical expression. Space clears away, as if just to say… we were here.

It is a shame the dance was never done… but it was really. This instruments in this piece - the Flugal and French horn, and the Didgeridoo… dance. The vibrato looks like a dancers arm, cradling air and waving circular. The black leotards can be seen… the gentle feet pattering across the cold hard wood floor… one doesn't always need the physical expression of the idea to see it. Not with such a metaphorical apparatus of perception and understanding.

a visual metaphor


analysis by Sophia Male

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