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disc two track six - 5:37

Diana McIntosh - Processions (excerpt)

ANALYSES: words visual resemblance

This piece is an excerpt from a longer live performance by the composer on piano, using two digital delays. I tried to write about the sentiment of the piece, though mostly the delay affected me, as the drama of the peice and technique. The photograph reminds me of it, especially since this is about pollution in the Great Lakes, about disposability as the means of speed.


Piano keys are gently hit… one at a time… then frills of them, delayed.
The piano volley is pulled up and down, bouncing in the caverns of the head… but comforting, circular, and soft like snow. Momentum is gained by the quickness of volleys. The harder, the stronger, the faster - the more delay and light reflection. But the music is dramatic, angsty and extreme… or sometimes light too fast. Like an old movie soundtrack… with the most modern equipment. Filtered. Splashed. And vibrant. Stairs of sound fly around and bounce off invisible walls in deep darkness… faint light like, like an echo. The delay is only an echo, a ghost and mere reflection. A ghost and mere reflection.

visual resemblance


analysis by Sophia Male

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