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INfØMUS Database Project
Final Report to the CCMN
June 1995

Dear members of the CCMN,

I have been very happy to coordinate the INfØMUS project. With the June publication of INfØMUS, Scratch 5, comes the end of the operating grant provided by the Canada Council. Though, I sincerely hope that this project will survive and operate on a regular basis, because it is really worthwhile and responds to a need of the contemporary music community. I believe that the contemporary music community has an urgent need to document its history and activities. It needs to demonstrate its existence and its vitality.

My nine (9) months at coordinating this project has been very fruitful. Three (3) issues of Scratch have been produced; the database as been cleaned up; the collaboration with the MLF project has been realized with the result of the conversion of the Filemaker Pro database to Oracle database, accessible online from anywhere in the world; the design and maintenance of the CEC Web homepage (including Scratch and sound excerpts); representation and communication activities related to INfØMUS and the four (4) organisms forming the CCMN and the artists they represent; compilation of events (concerts, radio programs, etc.) related to contemporary music.

I hope to contribute again in the near future to the success of INfØMUS and related activities.


Nathalie Berger
INfØMUS Coordinator

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