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Peter De Moncey-Conegliano - The Hannele Overture

"The Hannele Overture" was originally conceived as an electronic overture for "Hannele - the Hippie Opera" written in 1974 and revised in 1995. It features much of the material from the opera, mainly consisting of songs written and performed by the composer in the early 70s. When finished it proved too long to use as an overture to a 5 hour opera, and must therefore stand as a separate electroacoustic piece in its own right. It was realised in 1975 in the electronic music studios of Morley College London.

mp3The Hannele Overture - part #1 - 44:31

mp3The Hannele Overture - part #2 - 53:15

Born 17th February 1948. Educated at Taunton's Grammar School Southampton and the Queen's College Oxford where he read Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Acted with Oxford University Dramatic Society in 'The Visit' and 'Agamemnon'. Studied electronic music under Michael Graubart at Morley College London and composition under Aubrey Bowman at Workers Music Association Summer Schools. Studied Information Systems at Napier University Edinburgh. Worked as a telephone operator holding elected union positions continuously for 20 years.

Besides electroacoustic compositions, 11 novels, and 14 volumes of poetry, he has written 9 operas on such diverse subjects as The Chartists, Robert Owen, Robert Burns, The Dialectics of 1968, Thomas More's Utopia, Cromwell and Mayakovsky.

Married to Chilean video artist Pia Videla, he lives in a Victorian house on the sea front in Ayr Scotland.

None of his work has previously been published or seen the light of day.

Peter De Moncey-Conegliano
19 Queens Terrace Ayr Scotland UK
Tel +44 1292 280269

© Productions electro Productions (*PeP*) 1999

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