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Christof Migone - Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus is comprised of three sections: Blinks, Thresholds and Crawls. It is further divided into boils, fires, fountains, suffocations, swallows, descents, pain directives and so on. The geography: Montréal, Geneva, Bay of Fundy, the Laurentians and Innsbruck. It was assembled at PRIM studios, Montréal, with funding from the Media Arts Section of the Canada Council.

imageBlinks - 7:13
imageThresholds - 9:18
imageCrawls - 7:43

Christof Migone has a radio body, almost invisible. Traces can be found in the haphazard Centre for RadioTelecommunication Contortion headquarters. Migone hems and haws with abandon and seeks ear implants with virtual recording capability. He would like to be able to license radio broadcasters at random, so he does.

Christof Migone

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