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Philip Mantione - Radiator

RADIATOR is music based on the sound that a radiator makes as it begins to heat up. Trapped moisture produces a random banging sound, accompanied by the hissing of steam. The first part of the work is comprised of computer manipulated samples of this sound, presented as discrete cells of identical length (20 seconds) and placed adjacent to each other in time. This creates a macro-rhythm dictated by a sequence of mini-drones, in which perceived duration becomes a function of sonic density and rhythmic complexity. Later in the work, drone sounds from previous works (both acoustic and electronic) are layered over the ongoing radiator samples, further complicating the perception of time. The final section involves an accelerando, as each radiator sample becomes slightly shorter than the previous one.

mp3 Radiator - 26:28

Philip Mantione (b. 1960, Buffalo, NY) moved to Los Angeles in 1984 where he became an active member of the downtown artist community. His work has been presented by the Pacific Composers Forum and the Pacific Contemporary Music Center as part of their 1996 annual festival. Shortly after relocating to New York City in 1997, Mantione co-founded a non-profit multi-media performing and presenting organization called MANY (Musicians and Artists in New York). The group focuses on the creation and presentation of contemporary music, visual arts and other performing and interdisciplinary arts. In 1998, Mantione co-produced OneMANY and TwoMANYtwo, two multi-disciplinary performance events in NYC that included music (for acoustic instruments, electronics, as well as computer-interactive work), art performance, experimental video, and dance.

Mantione has composed music for a variety of contexts including performance art, video, site-specific sound installations and various concert venues.

Philip Mantione

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