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Dan Lander - Room (1993)

"Its always hard to reprimand somebody if there's nothin on paper. Its always hard to reprimand somebody if there's nothin." In the air that comprises the psychological spaces constructed through "broadcast" sound, meaning is in flux, ephemeral and up to you.

imageRoom - 21:24

Room (1993) was produced at Charles St. Video, Toronto. Thanks to Ann Carbert, Janice Carbert, Colin Griffiths, Christof Migone, Rober Racine, Jocelyn Robert and Hildegard Westerkamp. Room was made possible by a grant from the Media Arts Section of the Canada Council.

"Room" is published by What next Recordings on the CD Radius #3. It is distributed by OO Discs.

Room © Dan Lander 1993 SOCAN

Dan Lander is an independent editor, curator and sound artist living in Toronto. He was the producer of the radio art program The Problem with Language (CKLN, Toronto) from 1987 to 1991 and is co-editor of the books Sound by Artists (1990) and Radio Rethink: Art, Sound and Transmission. (1994). His compositions for radio and loudspeaker are dependent on recordings gathered from real life situations, organized with an ear to the ways in which meaning circulates through sounding and reception and have been widely aired in North America and Europe. A CD of his works, entitled Zoo was published by empreintes DIGITALes in 1995. He is currently Media Arts Officer at the Ontario Arts Council.

Dan Lander

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