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Body Electric Festival

Vancouver BC, Canada, May 14-18, 1997


Musical introduction:
superimposition of:

Syrina part 1 (extrait#1), Sub.version (extrait#1) — Piedmont Sorpid, Jun Oenuki

Radio NOMAD intro:

"You've just tuned into Radio NOMAD, a production of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community."

Body Electric Festival intro:

"Alright, this show is an overview of Vancouver's third annual Electronic Arts Festival entitled Body Electric. This took place on May 14 to 18, `97 in Vancouver, B.C. (supernatural British Columbia), Canada, and the musical performances you are about to hear were presented in the Lux Hall of the Western Front."

Initiale(s) intro:

"For its North American premiere, the Quatuor Hêlios, from France, presented new works for computer assisted percussion. Can you say that five times fast: Quatuor Hêlios.

"Two works using the spectacular Buchla's Lightning rods, gestural MIDI controllers, were commissioned for their North American premiere.

"Le Quan Ninh 's Initiale(s), uses samples of old Vietnamese language and explores the instrumental detours (inherent to rejuvenescence) between instruments and sonority.

Initiale(s)Le Quan Nihn

Sub Version intro:

"Considered to be a dangerous destabilizer of massive power structures, Jun Oenuki, a young artist from Japan, wires up store bought components into potent art bombs.

"His wake up call has moved other culture-jammers to action.

"Representing the new political pop culture, Sub Version was Jun Oenoki's North American debut. Jun Oenoki: Sub.Version"

Sub.version (extrait#2)Jun Oenuki

Sub.version (extrait#3)Jun Oenuki

Virtual IyesaAndrew Schloss

Virtual Iyesa outro:

"Again, Quatuor Hêlios performing Virtual Iyesa from composer and percussionist Andrew Schloss.

"Iyesa is a form of Afrocuban music, found only in the town of Matanzas, Cuba. The rhythms of Iyesa are the point of departure for a virtual performance on the lighting rods. Man, I'd like to see that!"

Syrina part 1 (extrait #2) — Piedmont Sorpid

Radio NOMAD outro:

"This installment of Radio NOMAD was produced by Jean Routhier, for the Canadian Electroacoustic Community.

"We want to give special thanks to the members of Quatuor Hêlios, Jun Oenoki, Jocelyn Robert, thank you thank you thank you to the Western Front, D.B. Boyko, Peter Courtmanche, Eileen Kage and Robert Kozinuk.

"For any information concerning the activities of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community contact us through email at cec@sonus.ca or visit our web site https://cec.sonus.ca/.

"And I'm Felicia. Stay tuned to this station for more of what they've got and thanks for listening. Radio NOMAD is going off the air"

Hosted by Felicia

Producer: Jean Routhier

Transcription: Ian Chuprun.
Translation: Yves Charuest
Web publisher: Yves Gigon & Jef Chippewa

The Artists:

© Productions electro Productions (*PeP*) 1997

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