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Suk Jun Kim

sudden cry (ex.) (1998)


Analysis by Matthew Kober

00:00 to 00:45

Low, Tense and ominous bass frequencies begin, setting a mood of expectancy. Tiny slivers of high frequency feedback bubbles dash and pan around in the background. The walls drip with sweat... the gyrating forms of dancers emerge...

00:45 to 01:25

A crunchy synth bleep-sequence emerges, distorted and angular, the envelope slowly opening to higher frequencies. I'm a seventeen year old raver passing out in a corner after two days of crystal meth, thoughts blurred away by the laser lights and strobes flashing on the fur of my fat pants...

01:25 to 02:00

The squarish synth bleeps continue to push the envelope as they are joined by a backwards beat. Hang the dj... the world implodes...

02:00 to 02:35

The mothership descends as a series of filamental warbling tones. They shimmer and vibrate off into the distance.

02:35 to 03:20

Darkness percolates upwards as conciousness draws inwards, becoming a mote adrift on waves of deep submarine thunderclaps...

Spectral analysis taken from "sudden cry (ex.)"

1:50 to 2:20

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