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Pascale Trudel

Ce n'est pas ici (1999)


Analysis by Matthew Kober

An abrupt piece that moves sequentially in solid, unprocessed blocks. These snippets are never longer than 20 seconds and seem to be mostly arouns 4 and 10 seconds. they are juxtaposed very carefully and craftily, a few having a sort of reference or segue to the next successive sound. An abstaction of the human and natural sound world in a collage of juxtapositions, moving rapidly through 13 quite distinct soundscapes that vary widely in scope and subect proximity.

00:00 to 00:04

A manic calliope in a carnival or amusement park midway, a recorded barkers voice calls: "step right up, give it a try!"

00:04 to 00:08

Marching bagpipes and snares. A parade. Big furry hats and sporrans swinging.

00:08 to 00:13

Hard heeled walking feet heard over a mid-low frequency hum.

00:13 to 00:23

Loud background noise; a large mid-range humming. Near-buried voices talking, possibly about a poker game.

00:23 to 00:27

A woman says "Non, non.. c'est pas ici." A child answers, "C'est pas ici?". This is where the title comes into reference.

00:27 to 00:40

A babble of many voices, reverberating as if in a crowded cafeteria. At the end a childs voice says distinctly "frog".

00:40 to 00:50 (fading out)

The sound of peeper frogs.

00:50 to 01:00

Fire crackles long enough to reveal a contrast in intrinsic frequential elements; the low hiss of air rushing in and out offset by the higher pings of the snapping charcoal.

01:00 to 01:10

Male voices speaking are commingled with a jangling bell-like sound. Someone coughs wetly.

01:10 to 01:30

High, fuzzy rain broken by a sharp and rolling peal of thunder.

01:30 to 01:38

More rain, the drops closer in proximity this time with a snippet of vocal chants that ring as if heard on a radio in a depanneur's doorway.

01:38 to 01:45

Cacaphonous birdsong, sounding vaguely like they are indoors, but for the lone fly that zips suddenly past.

01:45 to 02:00

A left to right pan of what might be a wagon or a stroller pushed over a sandy wooden surface. A child is heard talking. One is again given the impression (albeit vague) of a carnival midway.

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