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Kevin MacLeod

pacific (1998)


Analysis by Matthew Kober

00:00 to 00:45

The intro section lends credence to the title. The cracking of wood and reverbed knocks and ticks give one the feeling of being submerged in the belly of a large galleon at sea, rolling on the swells of the pacific. These sounds are commingled with evanescent analogue synth events that pan with wet, crunchy abandon over the stereo field. Possibly reminiscent of small creatures darting about in the gloom, if one holds to the title's imagery.

00:45 to 01:30

The more concrete wooden sounds end abruptly, followed by a half breath of silence. In this portion only three sounds present themselves; a band of white noise, it's envelope shaped by a triangle wave that slows and speeds frequency in turns, while panning to and fro. A subtle, low moan with the same oscillating treatment, presumably derived from the subtractive filtering of the white noise. As well, a high pitched, keening cluster of tones that fades in and out like a spectre. These elements combine to emulate a skein of sunlight that skips along the ripples of the oceans surface.

01:30 to 02:16

Another half breath of silence and the three aforedescribed sounds continue, only now the low moan takes precedence and leaves the final impression as it fades. It suggests a feeling of submerging, as if one were sinking quietly down to the depths of the ocean.

Spectral analysis taken from "pacific"

00:45 to 01:15

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