General Introduction

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There are several ways of listening to the works in the collection.

The site allows direct access to the complete versions of all the works, and can be used to search alphabetically, chronologically or thematically. The present site, which can be understood as an æsthetic and pedagogical presentation of the collection, offers the following alternatives:
  • You can listen to a selection of the works (complete versions) contextualized within the history of electroacoustics by navigating through the module entitled “The Collection within Electroacoustic History”.
  • Or you can take a “guided tour” to discover the collection by following the audio “trail” of commented excerpts in the “Guided Listening Tour”.
And since the excerpts and complete works do not (for the most part) overlap, you can also take both paths, either in order or in random order.

  • A series of video clips illustrating the restoration techniques used for the project and some review exercices fill out the site.
We wish you an enriching listening experience!


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