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The collection of electroacoustic archives at Concordia University comprises reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes and other support formats, which have come from three principal sources.

A significant part is made up of master tapes sent by the composers to Montréal associations for eventual performance in concerts series, festivals, radio programmes, etc., and systematically held in the archive.

A number of notable works by professors, students and other people collaborating with the Music Department of Concordia University form a second part.

The third group was built on works donated to the collection, either by private collectors or institutions that were no longer able to maintain or conserve their own collection.

The works digitized and available through this site are from between 1960 and 1995. But it should be noted that the actual physical collection is much more considerable in scope, containing works from before and after these dates.

Here is an overview:
  • 1922–1940: 8
  • 1940s: 4
  • 1950s: 72
  • 1960s: 183
  • 1970s: 437
  • 1980s: 1532
  • 1990s: 947
  • 2000s: 1362
  • Dates undocumented: 1296
The collection also contains interviews, archive documents and recordings of radio broadcasts.

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